Esoteric new Feature

I am amazed by some of the feature requests people make because they seem so specific to the desires of one (or maybe a few) people. So it is in that vein (and only slightly with tongue in cheek) that I request the following.

Click one or more picture files. Click a button which brings up a map (this can be a map of the world, but more useful would be a map centered around a given lat/lon pair) - for example a Google map. A "pin" would be in the map at the specified lat/lon. Allow one to drag the pin to any point on the map and then use a mouse action or hotkey (or click a menu button) to record the lat/lon of the pin to the lat/lon fields of the selected picture(s).

I know this can be done - there are websites that actually do it (well not the saving of the data to picture files but all the rest).

Enjoy the challenge! :laughing:

Gimme a minute.. o)

The first part (opening Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Google Earth at the location a picture was tagged at) is already in Opus.

And Opus already has the ability to update the GPS tags.

I am not sure how realistic/possible the middle part is for us to do, though. (Interacting with the third-party mapping UI / web browser and getting the coordinates back from it.) If someone wants to do that part of the work, we can provide the hooks needed to write the information back into the file (if it can't already be done using the scripting and command interfaces, which may already cover what would be needed).

Picasa obviously can do it, I'm not a fan of Picasa to manage pictures, but.. you may try that first, before anybody get's busy recreating the wheel? o)

Picasa seems to be scriptable as well. I did not research how this is done, but there are several add-ons available, maybe a clever person can interconnect picasa with a selection of files from DO. I won't, as I don't (yet?) need geotags. o)

How would you open gmaps for a picture with a geotag? Did not come across that feature yet! o)

Have a look at the Image LOCATE command.

Here is an example of the first part. Note that the current Image Locate assumes there is already GPS info in the picture. My situation assumes the opposite - no GPS info. The intent is to add GPS info.

To see an example, go to this link:

Enter a US zip code (If you don't know one try 60606). You will see a map of the area with the borders of the zip code territory outlined in black. At the upper left corner of the map you will see the lat/lon of the position where the mouse is when it is over the map. You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel and hold the left mouse button down and drag the map in any direction. As you zoom in the map mode changes automatically from map to satellite pictures.

Of course there is no pin but if one could use a mouse click when the mouse is over the coordinates they want to add to the selected photo files, that would be fine, too.

There is another page, which is a client's proprietary code so I cannot share it, but it uses the Google map API to pin the current GPS location of a SQL record and allow the pin to be moved and, by clicking a button on the web page, the current pin GPS location is saved back to the SQL record. This is used because Google's geocoding based on an address is not always accurate and this allows records to be corrected manually when needed.

As an aside, I am very impressed with the level of response to this admittedly "way out there" request. Of course I was already impressed by the level of support and the number of responses to posts on this forum, which is one of the facts that helped seal the deal (my purchase of Dopus 11).

FYI, the link in the above post uses Bing maps (I think). But I do not know of a way to have the GPS data displayed by Bing as they do in that link.