Evaluator - annoying flash when entering item from suggestions

the whole evaluator editor window flashes every time an item is selected from the in-line drop-down suggestions. Please fix.

Which window do you mean? There are a few where evaluator code can be entered.

The Evaluator Groups and Columns editors both flash. The script code editor does not have drop-down suggestions (not sure if this is intentional or workload overload) and does not flash. Have not checked any others.
The command editor plays nicely and does not flash when slecting an item from the inline drop-down suggestions.
What other editors are there ?

Strange; I don't get any flashing in either of those.

The flash happens when there is a vertical scrollbar showing (shrink your window add a few blank lines and use the inline drop-down suggestions) also some commands won't cause the flash to happen, (compare 'if' and 'RegEx')

OK I think I see it now.

As well as a scrollbar, you need to wait long enough for the tip to appear next to the suggestions list.

Should be fixed in the next beta.