Evaluator Groups - Static Groups - Not displaying in order set

This is the example evaluator group, Length of name, it demonstrates the use of static groups, which has move up/down buttons on its toolbar so I'm guessing this affects the order of the groups displayed in the lister -
does not display the groups in the order set.

associated bug, in this example the column being used is File Count (total) and using the built in 'Sort groups alphabetically in the file display' option.

easily fixed by turning the option off and using built in order function (which is not in the list of evaluator functions).

In an alphabetical (lexicographic) sort, 27 comes before 3.

I can't reproduce that here. What are the settings on the Grouping tab in the folder format?

seems to work sometimes and sometimes not (I think it's when 'Collapse all groups' is set), can always fix it using 'order'

working in a folder with different settings

We haven't been able to reproduce this here. Could you PM me a config backup?