Event: CloseTabSiblings (autoclose equal tabs in tab-row)

@Jon sorry, crossed wires, my previous msg was for tbone. Yes you are right, came to the same conclusion. Thanks!

I'm a bit lost as of how this differs from using the Go NEWTAB=findexisting command?

NEWTAB=findexisting will switch to an existing tab if there already is one for the folder you're opening. But it won't close any other tabs if several of them all point to the same folder (which can still happen if you e.g. go to a child folder and then go up a level in multiple tabs).

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@tbone Strangely, I have an issue where if I press + button for New Tab, the new tab gets auto-closed. I reported about it in another thread, but later found out that turning off this script fixed the issue. Is this just me?

Had a quick test, it seems to work for me, kind of.
But I noticed the DO script settings have problems, toggling values does not seem to be reflected in the script config. Not sure if this is related to your problem, I need to see if it's the script itself or some DO change. The script is 6 years old, quite possible there was a change which screws things up now. I did not use the addin, though I still deal with too many tabs showing the same folder..

So I guess I should investigate and maybe start using it again. o)

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Only do it if you need this yourself, tbone. However, if you do look into it, let me know if I can be of any help.