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Hello —

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but when I Press + and search with EverythignGlobal, it takes forever to output the results. Is this normal? On Everything its blazing fast.

Not normal, no.

If you look in Preferences / Folders / Folder Sizes, is the option to use Everything there available? (Doesn't matter if it's on or off, just tells us Everything has been detected.)

Which version of Everything are you using? If it's 1.5 (rather than 1.4), have you changed the alpha_instance setting in its configuration? (That's usually needed for 1.5 to work with Opus at the moment.)

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Yes, it is checked and yes I'm using 1.5 and have modified the configuration.

I did just notice I have a portable version. going to install the full install for Everything and I will report back.I'm using the newest Directory Opus 13 too.


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Looks like it was because I was using a portable install for Everything. Works wonderful with a full install and the service installed too. Thanks


I am running into the identical issue:

  • Directory Opus v13.2.0 (trial, haven't upgraded yet)

    • All three DO settings set to use Everything
  • Void Tools Everything v1.5 (alpha)

    • "alpha_instance" set to false
    • Installed w/full installation (not portable)

However, Everything is not offered as an option for Tools > Find, Search Box, etc.

Could the problem be that I don't have Everything installed in the default directory?

Is there any sort of troubleshooting suggestions you can offer, such as where I can confirm that DO "sees" Everything, or testing something via CMD to be sure Everything responds, or some need of Everything to be in the path, etc?

Thank you in advance!

You'll find the official guidelines here:

Integration with Everything [Directory Opus Manual]

Thank you. Unfortunately I had already gone through that page prior to posting.

Everything is set as suggested on that page, plus the settings in Directory Opus that I included.

Are there other requirements that may have been overlooked on that page; for example, does Everything need to be installed into a default directory?

Have you started Everything, so its icon is visible in system tray?

You can use Portable version too; installation path does not play any role, neither does if Everything Service is running or not, or if it starts with Windows, only and only that Everything icon is visible in system tray, i.e. running independent of system service.

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Thank you, that's a great tip. And thank you for confirming the path is not related.

In my case, I do run have Everything set to Run as a Service & Run as Administrator (both options in Everything). I also have Everything showing the in the Tray / actively running upon task listing.

When I click in the top-right search box of Directory Opus, I get the option of either "Windows Search" or "Opus Search". It does not recognize that Everything is an option, despite it allowing me to select Everything in the three different areas where it's an option in Directory Opus settings.

Thanks again for the helpful reply.

Also make sure that you have either
in your ini
or set it to false in Options -> Advanced Options via GUI

alpha_instance=false in ini will probably not work.

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Yes, absolutely have it set in both (0 in the .ini and false in the GUI).

Bummer, then I'm out of ideas :frowning: I run the portable alpha (no service, no run as admin, no autostart), and I get this. All I did was setting alpha_instance to false in GUI and start ES.


On a side note (not gonna help you unfortunately): I suspect no alpha setting is only necessary because DOpus sends some IPC message via WM_COPYDATA to a hidden ES window with a certain title, and if alpha_instance is not disabled ES adds extra characters to its title, which then DOpus cannot find.

EDIT: ps: Everything Service is still a good idea though, even if you use portable version, so it can continue indexing changes even if you quit its GUI process entirely.

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This is very helpful. It makes me wonder if having installed 1.5 in default mode (where alpha is enabled by default) along with 1.4 originally running -- may be the issue.

I had changed the alpha_instance to 0 / false and when that didn't work, I uninstalled 1.4 altogether. However, it may be that simply installing it side-by-side initially created the issue.

I'm going to uninstall 1.5 then re-install directly in stand-alone (not side-by-side 1.4 default) and see if this helps.

Thank you for the great ideas!

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In my experience 1.5a is sufficient, no need for parallel installation and it's been out and stable for quite a while despite the "scary" alpha in name. I've switched years ago and never looked back. And been on portable for ages, too.