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Exact groups for user description and possibly other text columns


I’m using descript.ion format to describe some folders in groups within a folder like: documents, projects, archive etc. However grouping the lister by user-description gives me group ranges like: A-G, H-J etc.
I know this is how windows explorer does its name grouping.
Is it possible make dopus handle them explicitly and only group items with identical values within a group and have the above examples as groups?

A toggle option next to group by field in folder options would switch this behavior on a per-view basis.

I know this is possible via custom columns but it seems like overkill to have all the script processing just for this. Also even in custom columns if you don’t manually set the groups in the script and use autogroup - they would group the same way explorer does. As such the values need to be hardcoded in the script in advance.


We'll add this option in the next update.