Excel Hyperlink starts Explorer instead of Opus

Hi all,
Clicking Hyperlinks (with target to a folder) in MS-Excel (MS 365) do not start the Dopus Explorer (which is configured as Standard Explorer). Since some weeks ago the Windows 11 Explorer is started. I'm not sure when this happened first time, but I think it was after an automatic Windows update 2-3 months ago.
Has anybody an idea how to fix this, is it a wrong configuration on my side?
Thanks from Vienna for any help!

It's likely a change on the Excel side, since we haven't changed how Explorer Replacement works on our side in a year or so (as far as I can tell from a quick search, at least).

From a quick look with Office 365 on Windows 10, Excel is opening the folder via ShellExecute(Ex) and passing the explore verb, which explicitly asks for Explorer.

They should instead pass the default/null verb if they want to respect the user's default file manager choice.

Thank you for the information. Seems that I've to be patient waiting for software updates or workarounds wherever in the next future.

We could potentially override what Excel is doing, but it is explicitly asking for File Explorer, so I'm not sure that would be the right approach or not. There could even be a reason they've decided to start doing that.

Contacting Microsoft to report that their recent change is causing problems would be the right approach, although I don't know if they will respond, what with their limited manpower and resources compared to us. :smiley:

I had the same issue a long time ago and gave up.

However, any future solution from my side will be reported here.
Thank you.

Here's my old thread. I couldn't figure it out. Reinstalled excel multiple times and tried multiple computers.

Good news: We've found a way to make this work. It'll be part of the next beta.

Really good news, thank you very much!