Excel Viewer

I am evaluating Directory Opus; Excel files do not diplay in the viewer. Does anyone know why this would be. Viewing files without opening is a key feature I need in my "file manager".

Can you view Excel files within Internet Explorer? If not then they won't work in Opus either and Excel may need reinstalling.

If they do show in IE but not in Opus, can you check whether the ActiveX Document plugin is enabled (Preferences, Plugins) and then check the plugin's configuration to ensure that the appropriate file extension (probably .xls) is included in its list?

If all of that looks correct but you still can't view Excel files in Opus, can you let me know which version of Excel you're using?

(Opus can also view Excel files via OpenOffice as well as via the MultiView plugin which uses the QuickView viewers that come with things like Yahoo Desktop, if installed.)

I ran Detect and Repair on Excel and the viewer is now working. Thanks for the help.