Exception from ActiveX plugin

Help me please

What type of file were you trying to view? Is it reproducible?

PDF PPTX and reproducible.

Do they display OK in File Explorer's viewer pane?

Which software is installed to view those files? (The ActiveX plugin only acts as a bridge between other software and Opus; e.g. Adobe Reader. You may need to update/repair the other software if it is crashing when displaying files.)

I cheked with adobe reader, foxit , xchange viewer but not working!!

In Explorer or Opus, or both?

What did you try? Reinstalling them? What happens?

I reinstall opus and now .pdf and .doc is good but pptx view "shell icon" yet.
I have office 2019 and windows 10 and pptx in explorer is ok.

I solve problem with pptx and ppt , i change "protected view" in powerpoint.

I get the ActiveX plugin exception error with PDF and all Office files. Laptop has W10pro x64 and Office 2019 pro. Latest Dopus version.

The crash comes from the viewers rather than Opus itself.

Do PDFs and Office files display OK within File Explorer's similar viewer pane? If they aren't working there either than you may need to repair or reinstall your PDF viewer and/or Office, or something else may be interfering (e.g. Antivirus etc.)

All PDF and Office 2019 files show up in File Explorer's similar viewer pane. No problem there.
Dopus throws up the angry ActiveX error box.

No antivirus added other than what MS installs by default setup win W10pro

Please try resetting the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web configuration under Preferences / Viewer / Plugins, then reboot and see if the problem still happens.

Please also link your account.

By what method? Unselect all of them and then reselect all of them?

There is a Defaults button in the bottom-left corner of the plugin's config dialog.

No effect from any of the steps. Windows File Explorer preview shows all PDF, Office 2019 files just fine, Dopus blows up with ActiveX message

Please link your account for help diagnosing why the viewer is crashing.