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Exclude a folder from the list below the Favorites List?

Hello. There is a list of 10 folders below my favorites list. I'm not sure whether it is the "Recent List" or "SmartFavorites". Is there a way I can exclude a folder from it? There is a sensitive folder listed there that is on an encrypted drive that is not normally mounted on my computer.

Its not quite what you are after, but there is an option to remove smart favourites that no longer exist.!Documents/Prefs/smartfavorites1.htm
Check on startup for folders that no longer exist : When this is turned on, Opus will launch a low-priority background task when it starts to check for folders in the reference table that no longer exist.

Thank you. That was already enabled but unfortunately hasn't been working; the folder remains on the list despite the drive being unmounted. I guess it doesn't work if a whole drive is missing, which would make sense since one would normally want commonly-used folders on USB thumb drives etc. to remain on the list

So I have just cleared the SmartFavorites list and disabled the whole feature.

In the next version, we'll add a FILTER argument that will let you filter the Favorites and Smart Favorites lists using a wildcard.

This won't affect how the lists are stored in memory and on disk, but will prevent paths you don't want to see from appearing in the menu which the Favorites command generates.

e.g. The default Smart Favorites list is generated by this command:


You'll be able to add a FILTER argument to exclude all paths below X:\:

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Nice addition, I often have folders I don't need to see in there.

If the reason for hiding the folder is that its a sensitive or embarrassing. It would be good if we could prevent them being added to the fav list, instead of just hiding them when the list is rendered.

Sounds good Leo. Thanks!

Might sensitive folders show up in "recently used" lists too? If so, maybe there could be a filter to exclude those from lists too.

@Leo Is this new filter in place now in 12.14 x64? Where exactly would I enter that filter? (I see nowhere to do that in the SmartFavorites preferences)

You can set it up by editing the menu where the SmartFavorites are.

Use Settings > Customize Toolbars to go into editing mode.

Thank you. It took me a while to actually work out what to do, so these are the steps I took (I think my installation is fairly standard):

  1. Settings Menu > Customize Toolbars.... A Customize window opens. Leave it open.
  2. Left-click the Favorites menu icon (yellow folder with star on it).
  3. Right-click SmartFavorites at the bottom > Edit
  4. Click Advanced... at the bottom, to get a little more space.
  5. Append FILTER ~(X:\*) after NOOPENINTABS to stop anything in X: drive appearing in the Smart Favorites.
  6. OK > OK to exit.