Exclude smart folders from backup

Is it possible to exclude the Smart Favourites List from the Config export?
I change my config a bit, and then export it to copy to other instillations (laptop, usb, VM). When I export my config it includes the Smart Favourites List, which overwrites the current smart Favourites when I import the settings. I find that the Smart Favourites List is specific to the current PC, so this is not desired.

Currently I clear the list when exporting my settings so that they don't copy across.

If you want to exclude just that one specific file then you'll probably need to manually remove it from the backup archive after using the wizard, or manually copy the settings files, excluding that one, without using the wizard,.

Both ok suggestions, for now its probably easier to clear the list before the backup. I might see if i can create a button that performs a backup then removes the file.
In general does it make sense to include the list in the backup? I see the value in keeping the settings but not the list of folders and relevant stats. The Smart Favourites List gets old rather quickly. I'm not sure that if you restore a previous backup that the Smart Favourites List would contain much relevance and would quickly be updated with current usages.
I think the list should be excluded from the backup. If I really want to keep a folder in that list, I should create a Favourite, otherwise the list will regenerate.