Execute commands

How can I execute a command?
In xplorer2 I can just type without quotes ">cmd" to start a dos prompt in the current directory or execute any dos command.
I discovered I can type an /alias in the location bar. So, is it possible to type a command in the location bar or another bar that I didn't discover yet (like open dos prompt here, or git init in the current directory) just with key strokes (without going to a menu using the mouse or creating a menu item for every command)?

Did you try typing >cmd ?

See https://www.gpsoft.com.au/help/opus12/index.html#!Documents/Findasyoutype_Field.htm for details.

That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot Jon!

The Find-As-You-Type can execute commands in a dos prompt (via ">" or "?"), but can I also execute it directly into a powershell or in cmder?

Not built-in, but you could have a script which adds a command with a one-letter name (or whatever you want) and passes the rest of the arguments to anything that you want, so you could have, say, >p ... to run a powershell command directly from FAYT.

There is also a built-in command to open a powershell prompt in the current directory, so you could set a hotkey to that and then type into the prompt that it opens.

Hi Leo, thanks for your response. As a new dopus user I'm still trying to find my way. So I guess I need to use the Opus CLI Ad-hoc script editor to create a script? And how can I link a script to the FAYT? I verified the "FAYT and Filter Bar Keys" menu in the "File Displays" preferences, but I couldn't find a way to add a script.
Can you help me out or is there already a tutorial to at least get me started?

Script Addins and Adding a new Internal Command are the best places to start.