Exif Time 1 hour earlier when hovering over a photo

It strikes me that when I am hovering over a photo the EXIF-time shown in the pop-up is 1 hour earlier than the actual Exif-time of
the photo.
e.g. when using XnView to show the properties, it shows 17:00, when I run the 'Set Shooting Date-Time' .dcf, it will keep the 17:00 and
will not change it back to 16:00.
The popup shows 16:00 though.
Note: PC time is correct.

Maybe it has something to do with "Daylight saving time" ?
But I am not sure how to set this within DO


What exact Opus information field are you using and what type of photo are you using?

In my jpg images the EXIF created and digitized timestamps are spot on and match what is displayed in the Opus "Shooting Time" field. But not all image types are currently supported in Opus for EXIF metadata, although I think I heard Jon mention there will be better support for them in Opus 10.