Exit and Restart

A couple questions about exiting and restarting.

Is this the most idiomatic way to restart Opus? (Found the restart argument in the manual.)

C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /restart

Having noticed that Alt+F4 doesn't really close Opus (it's still there in ProcessHacker), I tried to assign it to


Customize / Keys does not show a conflict with this binding, but dopus.exe still doesn't close. Other combinations work, however. Is Alt+F4 reserved, so that I need to pick another combo?

The how to exit guide has various ways to stop and/or restart Opus, to suit different needs.

If you want Opus to exit when there are no windows open, there is an option for that (shown in the guide), although not having Opus in the background will lose you some features (e.g. system-wide hotkeys) while it is not running.

Thank you Leo, that guide is really helpful!

What about Alt+F4, can its behavior be changed, or should I just assign a different key binding to the "Truly Exit" command?

Alt+F4 closes the window. I don't think it can be reassigned, but you can make closing the (last) window close Opus.