Exiting Directory Opus

I am new to Directory Opus and have a problem getting it to shut down when I exit the last lister. I have checked the Launching Opus->Startup->Shutdown->Shutdown Directory Opus when the last lister closes option but the systray icon (by the clock at the bottom of the screen) almost always remains when I close the last lister. It will close when I exit from the systray icon. I used the customization feature to add a "Exit Directory Opus" button to the main directory opus toolbar. When I use this button to exit the program it closes as expected and the tray icon disappears. No matter how the program shuts down it appears that there is a directory opus related process named dopusrt.exe that continues to run.

I am using Windows XP SP2.

My goal is to just have Directory Opus completely shut down when the last lister exits.

It looks like the Shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes option was broken in a recent update. I just tried it and it works occasionally but Opus usually stays running. I've reported the problem to GPSoftware.

As for dopusrt.exe, that stays running to handle desktop double-click. If you set Preferences - Launching Opus - From the Desktop to Disable then it will exit, but it's a very small process so it's worth keeping if you use the desktop double-click feature.