Exiting dopus -> process remains -> problem

When I try to exit Dopus on Win7, at times the GUI closes but the process "dopus.exe" does not close and I cannot open a new lister anymore.
Is this a know problem? Solution? Thx.

Is this when closing a window, or when fully exiting via File / Exit Directory Opus?

If it's the latter, please link your account and then send a crash dump of Opus when in the frozen state to leo@gpsoft.com.au (or upload it to Google Drive, DropBox etc. and email a link to it).

You can generate the dump using Task Manager by right-clicking dopus.exe on the Details tab once it is in the frozen state. Choose the option to create a dump file, and it will tell you where it has placed it. It will be a large file but should compress down to a much smaller size.

Don't post a link to it on the forum as it may contain private information. (It will contain everything in memory that is part of the dopus.exe process.)

thx, yes, it is the latter.
of course, all of a sudden it seems to work better. If it happens again (repeatedly) I will send the dump. thx.