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I want library folder in tree tab to be expanded by default, so I can have quick access to dropbox link that I created there, can you please tell me how to do it ?

Thank you

Anyone ?

In Opus 11 the expansion state of the root tree items is remembered automatically. There's no way to make Opus 10 do this unfortunately.

I see, ok

So this means I'd better upgrade opus then, which I was thinking to btw.

Before I do it can you please tell me how does opus integrate with windows 10 ?

I'm still on win7 but maybe I'll upgrade in the not so near future so opus integration would be good.

Opus integrates with Windows 10 the same as it did with Windows 7.

Our main machines have been on Windows 10 since its release last year.

Nice to know

Ok, I have upgraded, now I'd like to change color for each of the hard drive icons on tree lister, is this possible ?


Regarding the expand libraries issue, I have saved the default lister in Opus 11, restarted opus with libraries expanded but it does not start expanded like stated above, can you please tell me how to do it ?

Thank you

Make sure Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents / Libraries / Display under the Desktop item is turned off, and it should just happen automatically.

You can assign labels to each drive via Preferences which can re-color the icons and/or text of them.

Alternatively, you can assign completely different icons to each drive if you wish.

If you need more help with the icons, please start a separate thread for that topic, to keep things organised.

After expanding the branch, use Settings > Set As Default Lister and it should be saved. (This is assuming it's the default lister which is being loaded, and not something else like a layout. If you're not doing anything special then it is usually the default lister.)

Note that only the expansion of the top-level branches is saved. So the "Libraries" branch can be saved open, but the individual libraries below it will be collapsed. (If you want to open with something deeper expanded by default, one way to do it is to save it as the starting folder, and make sure Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Expand selected branch is on. A script add-in may be able to expand arbitrary branches/depths too, if needed, although I would have to check the idea to confirm that for sure.)

(See Jon's post just above mine for another potentially important detail.)

Thank you

I have installed the Kingofdaclick theme pack and have added a shortcut for dropbox to the left lister so expanded libraries for now is not needed.

Enjoying this new opus very much :slight_smile:

Congratulations !