Expandable Folders in collection use bad filepath


i think the screenshot show the problem :slight_smile:

if i go in the forlder, work all correctly only the Expandable Folders function give a wrong path



Some extra detail to help when we investigate further:

  • Only an issue when running external programs on the file. (e.g. FAYT >notepad.exe {f} will do it.)

  • The thing you expand has to be a collection (or sub-collection). (Expanding a normal folder under a collection doesn't trigger it.)

collectoins->marked images->folder->image is my path deep

i created it with the image viever from opus over the mark "M" funktion

the path is for all inter/extren tols not avalibel inclusive image view "greyout"

file deteils show only collection and noting to the file

file only correct in last level / inside from folder


This has been fixed for the next beta. Thanks for reporting it!