Expandable Folders

Two things I would like to see with expanded folders that I don't believe is a feature.

  1. Expand multiple selected folders, rather than expanding each one separate.
  2. FAYT - When the folders are expanded, the FYAT will not search through those folders only the main folders that were expanded.

This is useful to me for example when having a list of music or picture folders (Rock, Country, etc.) and you only want to view a few folders and search for example ACDC.

There's a command in the Folder menu to expand all folders at once (each click expands one more level than currently expanded).

It already seems to include the child items. Or do you mean you want it to exclude the folders themselves or something else?

great thank you

The hotkey Alt+Down does that already. If you want to be able to do it using the mouse, you could add a toolbar button or context menu to run Go EXPANDBRANCH.

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It does not work for me.