Expanded file name in Thumbnails view

is it possible to automatically show the full file name while in Thumbnails view?
I work with many visually similar images with long and similar names (and what differentiates them is usually at the end of the name).
I noticed that in Tiles view is possible to automatically expand the file name for non selected items, but I didn't find anything for Thumbnails view.
Is it possible somehow?

If you turn off Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (Vista/Win7 only, overrides selection colors) then the selected thumbnail will expand.

It's not currently expanded when using visual styles, but an alternative is to put the filename into the infotip that is shown when you hover the mouse over a file or thumbnail.

My Use visual style option was already turned off. And in fact the file name expanded already when I select a file.
But I would have liked for all file names to be expanded, not only the selected one.
Is it possible? At the moment I switched to Tiles view and is quite ok. But I would prefer to use Thumbnails view.
Thanks anyway!

You can adjust the amount of space each thumbnail is given under Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails, which also affects how much space there is for the labels/names.

It wouldn't make sense for them all to expand their labels/names outside of their space at once (rather than just the selected file) because then they would all draw on top of each other.

Even if I expand the amount of space between each thumbnail (even very far from each other with many lines of label space too), the text is still truncated on the first line and only is expanded for the selected file.
Is this normal?

You need to make the thumbnails themselves wider, not the space between them.

(If you want larger than 256 pixels, there's an advanced option to do that.)

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