Expiration error window et al

I reported this same anomaly some time back, and apparently it is still present. It doesn't appear very often, but it still does appear occasionally

When loading Opus 9.1.1, a window appears that states my copy is not registered et al, and has expired. Dismissing the window, results in Opus loading properly, and checking the registration info - shows it is fully registered et al.

So, the problem is not a serious one, just a nuisance, like the PDF error message I occasionally get, which doesn't really have any impact on anything, but is just a nuisance. The PDF error message says that it has to close Opus, but it does not. Nor does this registration message close anything - it loads normally after dismissing the window.

Is it possible that there is a Registry entry somewhere that is causing this??

Ron Hirsch

I saw this behavior using Opus along older versions of Sandboxie. When erroneously having a new lister started while a sandboxed folder was shown in the active lister, the "expired" message was shown then.

and if you have AVG or Kaspersky installed, please read this post: [resource.dopus.com/t/registration-certificate-does-not-stick/3303/1)

And for other people with the same problem, also read these posts:

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I gave up on ZoneAlarm some time in the past, as it had a variety of issues which were a PITA in several areas.

I do use the paid version of AVG however.

My situation does seem different from others in other posts, where they had more serious license troubles. When I occasionally do get the error window, it apparently does not impact Opus, as it just loads normally after dismissing the window, and my license shows as proper.

I guess the real question is - what in Opus and AVG are the elements that cause the problem?

Ron Hirsch

I'd be surprised if AVG triggers the problem, unless it's an obscure option in AVG, as lots of people use AVG but this is the only report of this issue that we've had, at least at the forums, as far as I know.

Thanks for your reply.

I also would be surprised if AVG were the problem.

The thing I would like to know is the "Trigger" that causes the problem. What is different on my system when it happens? If it was a specific program running in the background, why doesn't it do it all the time.

Problems like this can go for long periods without discovery of the cause, snce it is only occasional, and leaves no footprint to trace back.

Ron Hirsch