EXPLORER, IMAGES toolbar and Path Format seem not to sync

I am still using the older EXPLORER,IMAGES toolbar and also have a path folder format defined in preferences .

Using the above toolbar to switch my views of the folder seems to cancel the path format I have defined for the folder in question and it returns apparently to the default.
Is there away to retain that format regardless of the toolbar functions ?

I'm not sure which the EXPLORER,IMAGES toolbar is, but which toolbar a button is on should not matter.

Which commands the button runs may matter (e.g. the button may run a command that forces a particular format to be used), or the problem could be elsewhere (e.g. if the format lock is on, path formats will be ignored and the format won't change when you change folders)

If you hover the mouse over the lock icon on the status bar (do not click it, just hover over it), what does it say about where the current format comes from?

the STYLES toolbar

The format lock does not seem to matter

If you're switching to a style, it's possible the style has a format defined that will override the format you'd get normally.

You can edit the style via Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Styles.

If you hover the mouse over the lock icon on the status bar (do not click it, just hover over it), what does it say?

yes, I see that it does .... but editing that won't seem to do me any good as the format in question is for a specific folder.

The format lock icon does show the change taking place ..... putting the lock on when the folder format is loaded/active is unlocked when I switch from EXPLORER to IMAGE style.

You want to make sure the style does NOT apply a format to any folders. As long as it does NOT apply a format, the folders will pick up their natural formats the same as if you navigated to them without using the style.

Do not turn the lock on. Don't click on it. Just hover over it. A message will appear with information about the current format, like this:

No, you misunderstand, I did the hover ..... I was just hoping locking the format would prevent the style format from taking place.

OK, I see the check-mark there next to FORMAT .... I will try that.

And what did it say?

It did show the STYLE button changing the folder format which was as expected before hitting the STYLE button

Changing to what? What did it say exactly? The details matter.

it said I was using the folder format that I defined and expected ..... hitting the styles button move to the default format that I assume the styles picks up