Explorer Replacement - Windows 10

I'm not really sure what would cause only Win+E to open Explorer, in that case, unless it's something which changed in newer versions of Windows that was addressed in Opus 11.

Overriding the hotkey may work, and allow you to make it explicitly run Opus, but isn't always possible as Windows tends to intercept the Win+x keys at a very low level.

Getting used to a different hotkey is another option.

Hi Leo,

Could you tell me how to overide the hotkey ? Or how to change the hotkey to run dopus instead of win+E ?

thanks !

Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys.

Add a new hotkey and make it a System-Wide one before defining the hotkey itself.

The exact command depends on what you want to happen, but start with "Go NEW" which will open a new default lister.

Leo, I used FRST to clean my machine, and I accidentally added this to the list of things to remove: "HKLM...\Policies\Explorer: [EnableShellExecuteHooks] 1" (I was dealing with a keylogger and I wanted to make sure all traces were removed.) I am aware that

I think I broke the shell links for explorer replacement, because disabling and enabling the options isn't helping, and the registry isn't showing the DisableLegacy key that was mentioned earlier in the thread.

I've attached my dump of my registry for folder keys from that program.
Folders.txt (387 KB)

Have you fixed EnableShellExecuteHooks in the registry? Reinstalling Opus over the top of itself should fix it if needed. (As long as the registry cleaner doesn't try to remove it again.)

You know, if I'd have sat and looked at that text I would have noticed it was an actual key and boolean value removed... derp. Thanks. xD