Export Files and Folder Information

I see that I can use Directory Opus v 10 Pro to catalog my disk by exporting all the files and folders to a CSV using Print / Export folder listing.

e.g. I would want drive letter, folder name, file name, file size, date created, date last modified, duration, type of file viz. video, audio, document etc. (if available), MD5 for file, video resolution etc. so that I can later analyze the files in Microsoft Excel or import into some other program to calculate total duration of video files, total duration of audio files etc.

What fields do I use to identify file type as video, audio, document, picture etc. Is this possible ?
What field do I use to identify the video resolution so that I can use it later to find high resolution videos etc. ?

Type or Ext(ension).

With Opus 12 it's also possible to show File Type Group in a column, and/or Explorer's "Kind" column, which may be closer to what you want. But those aren't available in Opus 10.

"Dimensions", or "Width" and "Height", for the video formats that version of Opus + its plugins can parse.