Export folder listing doesn't work for checksum (md5, SHA-1)

I tried to export the attached folder listing with Dopus 12.16 build 7143 but it seems that md5 checksums can't be exported at all and SHA-1 only for small files. If the exported files become bigger the checksum columns remain completely emtpy. I tried all three formats (txt, csv, tab-txt), none of them worked.

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  • Large files having neither checksum is due to the maximum size limit, which can be changed under Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Limits]: max_md5_file_size.

    You can set it to 0 if you want to remove the limit entirely, but that can mean huge files trigger lengthy hash calculations in the main file display, when you don't want them to, so it's not always a good idea.

    (Manually triggering the calculation, via Edit > Calculate [MD5|SHA-1] Checksums, can also be used to bypass the limit, but doesn't affect Print Folder.)

That said, in the next update, we'll make it so Print/Export Folder ignores the size limit entirely. If you're exporting that data, you probably always want it to be calculated in full, so we'll make that change.

The other issue, where only one of the two checksums appears in the Print/Export Folder output, is a bug. We've fixed that for the next update. Many thanks for reporting it!

I can confirm that in the latest beta the export of MD5 checksums works now and that's valid for the new "ignore size limit" feature too.

Can perhaps someone help me to make this work for SHA-256 too?
I know that this is possible with the help of the "FSUtil.Hash" but unfortunately I don't have a clue how to create a button that generates the SHA-256 checksum for the selected files and display the result in a custom column that can be exported via Print/Export Folder.

Many thanks for the quick response / fix and keep up the good work!

We can help with scripting if you link your account.

Nothing could be simpler. Done!
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Here's the script. I made a new post for it: Column: SHA-256

Thank you very much for the script, Leo! Much appreciated!
Looking at the SHA-256 column in a lister window, everything seems to be okay, but when I make an export of the folder listing the SHA-256 entries for files bigger than about 1,2 gigabyte are missing.
Is there a file size limit for SHA-256 checksums too?

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Not a size limit exactly, but a time limit on how long Opus will wait for script columns to calculate. Usually that makes sense, in case the script has gone into an endless loop, but not with a hash calculation which can take a very long time.

We'll need to make a code change to allow scripts to override the default (10 second) timeout, which we'll do in the next beta. Once that is out, I'll update the script to use it.

Now that 12.17.1 beta is out, I've updated the script (in the thread linked above) to use the new timeout property, which solves the issues with large files.