Export internet "Target" url bookmarks to text/html file?

I use the app True Launch Bar to store some bookmarked internet urls,
and it does so in a folder - which I have setup in dOpus to show Name - Target - Modified.

Is there a way I can batch print a folder's worth of say, 30 - 50 Target urls, to a text/html file -
which I could then import that file into a browser?

vs opening each link & saving them 1 x 1 to the browser that way?

I do use ctrl - shift - n to batch copy/print filenames,
but even after searching I haven't figured out a way to isolate other file qualities/parameters/attributes in order to further manipulate them - such as printing.

Time to learn PS/cmd line, huh? probably very simple that way -
and I'm willing to give that a try if guided to, Thank You.

Tools / Print/Export Folder Listing can be used to quickly save the details into a .csv file (or other text formats, but .csv is usually easiest if you don't want to worry about column widths).

You'd still need to process the file further if you wanted it to be in HTML format with clickable links in a web browser, but that might make things easier, and a simple macro in a decent text editor should be able to handle the rest of the job.

Scripting could generate the HTML file directly, but would be a bit more effort. Probably only worth it if you're going to re-do the task a lot.

Thank you Leo, I'll have a go at that today.

edit -- Yep, that worked! ... gave me a chance to practice Emmet shortcuts in VS Code too!

Much appreciated ->