Export results of synchronization to text file

I couldn't find the answer in the FAQ, so please forgive me if I have missed it.

When I do synchronization in dual vertical mode and the sync mode is "one way copy", then after a while OPUS returns a list of files that are different with blue arrows next to the files in the one window and sometimes red crosses in the other window. These are the files that are different between the two locations.

Is it possible to export the list with the blue arrows, so that I have a file that contains only the differences? I also would like to know the long filename, size and date/time of these files. Sometimes the list is small and I can make a screen copy, but most of the times it spans more than one screen.


Pierre van Eck

You could select them all and use Edit -> Copy Filenames -> As Full Pathnames to copy all the names to the clipboard.

That won't get you the other columns, though. In theory the Print Folder command should let you do this (and can output to the clipboard or a textfile instead of a printer) but at the moment it only prints files from the top directory and not all the subdirectories, so it's probably not useful.