Exported Registry keys


The reg key above (and contained subkeys) seem to have to do with application event 'sounds'. I don't have a problem with it so much as just a curiosity as to why I seem to get them in my settings exports 'somtimes' and not others... any ideas?

(Admin Edit: Title modified for clarity)

You'll get them if you tell Opus to export your sound settings.

The Opus sound effect settings are kept in that key rather than under the Opus key so they can be integrated into the system Sounds control panel.

Thanks Jon, the strange thing is that I only ever export my settings using one way... the following button command:

dopusrt /cmd Prefs EXPORTSETTINGS=all,alltoolbars,filetypes,filters,images,prefs,toolbars TO "{dlgstring|Specify filename for settings export...|"d:\prefs\my dopus settings new.dps"}"

So I don't understand why 'sometimes' I see this data and others times do not. Weird...

BTW- I know the command above seems excessive, and have since started using just the all,alltoolbars,images switches to get all info actually exported. But the blown out command above was what I was using until just recently to do my exports.