Exporting 32-bit DOpus (to JumpDrive) from 64-bit machine

Now that I only have 64-bit machines (desktop and laptop), I'm curious if there is a mechanism for exporting 32-bit DOpus (to JumpDrive) from 64-bit machine?

I would imagine that most machines I'll use my JumpDrive on are going to be 32-bit, so will my exported DOpus work on a 32-bit if I export it from a 64-bit machine? Or, is there a way to export to 32-bit from a 64-bit install?


When you do an export from a 64-bit machine, Opus will ask if you want a 32-bit or 64-bit copy written to the USB stick.

Thanks Leo. Having always had 32-bit machines, it never even occurred to me to just try it. :blush: