Exporting SHA256 in folder listing

I have an offline catalog program to catalog all my internal and external drives including all files and folders. This program has option to calculate SHA256 for each file. It also has normal fields like full file name, full path name available.

As SHA256 is supposed to be better than MD5, I wanted to use this algorithm instead of MD5 in Directory Opus also.

I saw that Directory Opus has some kind of native support for SHA256 in FSUtil.Hash but I cannot figure out how to use it.

I also do not see any option other than MD5 and SHA1 in General for exporting SHA256 either in Print / Export Folder Listing ...

If I can export SHA256 along with full file name, full path name and other scripted and natively supported columns from Dopus, I can figure out a way to somehow add them in the offline catalog for all drives based on SHA256 along with full file name, full path name .

This add-in gives you an SHA256 column similar to the MD5 one: