Extended Properties Lost When Copied to New Destination

I don't understand the whole purpose of entering information in the "Extended Properties" of a folder, only for those info to be wiped out when the folder is copied to a new drive; The color labels are gone too. Is it a setting that I don't have enable on DOpus or what? Both drives are NTFS running on latest version of DOpus on Windows 7 x64.

I noticed that situation fortunately too late as I've lost "Extended Properties" information for a couple of hundreds of files I've transferred to a new drive due to the old drive dying (Well, at the time of writing this post, the drive already died); Needless to say: Heartbroken!

I've made a quick 15 seconds video to demonstrate clearly what I'm saying in this post.

It's subject to the settings under Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes.

Note that most of the things you can turn on there will affect file copy speed (especially with lots of small files), so only turn on the things you need. (For some of the options, it is also possible to override them with Copy-command arguments, so you can make buttons/hotkeys/etc. which copy more when needed without taking the performance hit all the time.)

I knew it had to be somewhere! Most of the best features and customization are hidden under the hood in that massive Preferences area which sometimes is overwhelmed on its own. As a visual learner, I wish there were a healthy amount of tutorials for DOpus but sadly barely any exist.

Well, anyway, thanks for the super quick reply!

More tutorials would be good. They're just so time consuming to make, abd take time away from improving the program.

If there was a tutorial for everything, it'd be as hard to find the right tutorial as it is to find the right page in Preferences or the manual. :slight_smile: The forum is here to fill that role. Can't beat human interaction.