Extending all subfolders of slected item in the tree?

This is a question from the german forums. Myself i don´t use that tree since a long time now. :wink:

The selected folder in the tree is wished to have all subfolders unfolded, like in Windows XP. I suggested the code

go {f}
Set FLATVIEW=On,Grouped

but forget, this only works in the non-tree handlig of folders, so i can´t assign it to a normal click on folders in the tree (what would be a sort of workaround anyway). Is there a way to assign this to a normal click on a folder tree folder or maybe even another command?

Ctrl + Num * will do that. Not sure if there's also a command which does the same.

(Ctrl + * on the numeric pad)

Thanks Leo, i will forward that, though this is maybe not the most practical way, since it takes quite long, given some folder with lots of items & tends to crash (although it catches itself again, like sometimes seen in Windows 7 & does respond again). But this is maybe a lot closer than my approach.

It doesn't crash for me. Sounds like a more general problem you have there with your machine?

As i said, it shows "application not responding", but that goes away after a few seconds. Maybe it depends on the number of folders or it´s because of Windows 7?

Oh okay, so not a crash just busy for a moment. Makes sense if there are a lot of folders that need to be added to the tree.