External Command Control Codes -- Run ONLY first Selected

Consider a situation in which there are multiple files/Dirs selected in the current lister.
Consider also a command line program that uses one selected file/Dir as an argument.
Consider a scenario in which it is desirable to run the program only once, and for only the first selected file/Dir .

Is there a simple control code that returns only the first selected file/Dir and does not run the program for any other selected files/Dirs ?

If there is, I haven't found it yet.
Text files are a limited batch file way out of this.
However, I have a Dopus Native solution that seems to work in the absence of a specific control code for this.

Select None
Select First
Select SHOWHIDDEN NoPattern
Select Next MakeVisible
sync:program.exe {f}

Am I missing something here ?

:opusicon: porcupine

If you add the @firstfileonly directive to a command it will operate on only the first selected file.

Thanks much Jon !
I'll look into it ; that helps alot !

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