External USB devices: Eject Context Menu Missing on some devices

It seems that USB flash drive will get a context menu and USB hard drives doesn't. Please see screenshots. This confused me a bit since I'm test driving Opus atm to see if it works for my workflow (comes highly recommended by my colleagues) as I was plugging in various external drives (old ones) that are exFAT, FAT and NTFS formatted and context menu did not have an eject button. Searching the forum shows very old posts on these.

The discovery was when I told my colleague (the one who recommended me Opus) about it, she started plugging in some USB flash drives and the eject option was there.

Flash Drive

WD Passport USB Drive

Not a deal killer but it is better to eject an external drive of any kind within Explorer, as using the taskbar eject oft-times it would not let you eject the device saying some app is locking it.

Is this a bug or or something wrong with my install/settings?

Do you see the same thing in File Explorer? I think we just display the system context menu as-is for drive roots.

I see the same behaviour. It's based on whether the drive falls into the "Hard Disk Drives" category, or the removable media category.

In this example, G: drive is an external USB drive, but Eject is missing from just above Format...

Same in File Explorer?

The drive may not be mounting as a removable device.

Seems like it is same behaviour in Explorer. Guess its a MS thing. Thanks for the quick response.