Extract to folder: No progress indicator

Hi there,
I just updated to Opus 13. Often, I need to extract dozens of .ZIP files and use the "Extract to Sub-Folders" option for this. Sometimes the extraction process take quite a long time and I'd be happy, if I could see sort of progress indicator for this.
Currently, I don't have a clue, if the process is still running or not.
I couldn't find a setting where I could change the behavior.
Can you help?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Have you had a look at Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators?

No progress dialogs could also be a symptom of problems caused by some of these tools:

Thanks, yes, I have, but no success. I don't even have an idea how the progress indicator would look like

Thank you Leo,

Hmmm sounds annoying ... but after switching user and coming back, the progress indicators work as expected.
So ... sorry for bothering all of you :flushed:

Have a great day