Extract to folder

Is there a way to make DOpus check if there is a folder in a zip file and only in this case extract it to a subfolder?

I searched quite around a bit, so far didnt find anything.
The main reason why I still use other unpackers is because I always need to check if there is a subfolder in the zip; makes a few clicks more than just extract the whole thing.

Is that the right way around?

Is the aim to always put the extracted things into a sub-folder, while avoiding creating a sub-folder that just contains one more sub-folder?

i.e. If all the files in the zip are below one sub-folder at the top of the zip, don't create an extra folder; otherwise do?

If you don't mean that, could you give us some examples of what you do mean?

I think you are right Leo.

I am definitely +1

I want DOpus to check, if there is only one folder in the zip, if yes -> just extract; if no -> extract to subfolder altogether. I know it is only one click away if it is 2 subfolders, still it makes a difference on a network drive for instance, because it adds to the path length (I have a veeeery "touchy" nas substitute at the time being).
Sorry for my cumbersome explanation, I didnt sleep last night and then English gives me a knot in the brain^^.

Cool, that's what I thought you meant.

We have an option like that for creating archives but not for extracting them. I've filed a feature request into our to-do list.

Thanks Leo, that would definitely be a very useful feature (I know some download manager is capable of this, but I'm not sure if that info is of any use to you).

In principal, I agree this would be valuable - but it's only something "I" would use if it were done in such a way that Opus would only skip creating the new base folder if the single folder inside the root of the archive was the same base name as the archive file itself. In other words... "my" desired intent here would be to prevent two duplicate/nested folder names from being created.

My reasoning:

I do normally prefer to extract archives using 'copy extract=sub'... So if the archive file name is "my_archive.7z" and the only thing in the root of the archive is a folder ALSO called "my_archive"... then it makes sense to me NOT to create an ~additional parent folder with the same name as that which is already inside the archive ( "my_archive").

The other way around... if Opus were to ALWAYS suppress creating a new base folder to extract to ANYTIME an archive contained only a single folder in the root of the archive - regardless of the name of that folder, then particularly inside a large folder list I might lose track of what was extracted. If I was expecting a folder called "my_archive" but I end up with a folder called "zz_archive", then that would NOT be desirable or useful to me because it's not what I expected.

Maybe this could best be implemented as an additional/modified option(s) to the extract argument... copy extract=subnodupebasefolder... blah blah blah, or perhaps two options to accommodate both needs.

Steje, I think that was basically meant. At least it is what I had in mind - any other version of this option would make little to no sense.

I, for one, do not care. The folder inside zip can have any name.

Hm, okay, I guess I got a bit confused about what I was trying to do.
Just to put it in words so my own request gets a little clearer. Any other/ opposing request might as well be very justified, but my concern is, as soon as there is only one folder inside, extract w/o creating folder. Reason is that normally I work have files that do relate to the filename, so file name of zip and containing folders are quite similar anyway. And my main concern usually has to be path length.
But as soon as they implement it, I think an option as to how tight to the filename that foldername should be, could be an option.

We'll have to wait and see what they come up with :slight_smile: