Extract to Here option for DO UNZIP

Hello All, (Relatively new user to DO 8.1)

I often get a group of zip files which I obviously need to unzip. Out of habit I will save the file into the zame folder that I want to "unzip" into.

Is there a way to have DO prvide me with an "Extract Here" option as the "Extract To" is always pointing to a folder ..well I haven't quite figured what folder it choose.

If I can't set that up is there a way to have the Extract To default to the current folder. I do find it a bit of an inconvenience to have to keep selecting the current folder while extracting multiple zips (I doesn't even remember the folder I just unzipped to)

Steve Dingle

I hope this helps and is what you are looking for, click on your application bar/customize and goto commands and add extract to your application bar. This will automatically extract to your destination window when you highlight a zip file and click on that button after you have added it to your application bar. Hope this helps.

Heya Joxter,

Thanks for the reply.

Great idea, however I only found an "Extract" command, which just brings up the Extract To dialog. At which point the "Select Destination Folder" comes up and its not the one I'm currently in. Its one I was in some time ago.

one of the most frustaing items is that if I'm doing it multiple times (unzip, then unzip, then unzip) it's not even remember the last folder I unzipped to.

Any other suggestions or do should I put this in as an ER

Thanks again

Preferences, Zip Files, Integration, Add context menu items for 'Extract files from ZIP' will add an Extract Here item to the menu you get when one or more Zips are selected and you drag them somewhere with the right mouse button.

If you don't want to use the RMB-drag menu then you can add the command below to either a toolbar or the Zip right-click context menu. It will extract all selected zips into the current folder (i.e. the folder they are already in):


If you want each selected zip to be extracted into a new subdirectory, named after the zip file, then use this:


(That is my favourite command since it can quickly extract a load of files but does not create a mess where they're all extracted on top of each other.)

If you want the zips to be extracted to a particular folder then you can use something like this:

Copy EXTRACT TO "C:\Data\Temporary"

And so on.

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Nudel, think that might be what Steve was lookin for, the extract to folder name.. Hope that helps him out.

nudel wrote:
If you want the zips to be extracted to a particular folder then you can use something like this:

Copy EXTRACT TO "C:\Data\Temporary"

And so on.[/quote]

What if I want the user to be prompted for the folder?

I've tried:

In a single lister that command will prompt the user. However, in a dual lister, the files are just automatically extracted to the destination.

I'm trying to create a button that mimics the DOpus-provided Context menu command Extract To..., which is added when enabling this setting:

Preferences > Zip Files > Integration > Context Menus > Add Context Menu Items for 'Extract Files from ZIP'

With this setting enabled, the context menu displays a Zip function named Extract To..., which when clicked will always prompt the user for a destination path, regardless if the current list is a single or dual lister.

I can't seem to create a button that does the same. :confused:

Any Ideas?

Nevermind. my first search through the manual didn't find it I found it now

Copy Extract To=Ask

This should be added to the arguments list in the button editor!

As a newbe, puzzling on about the same problem, pls allow me to step in here.

I have tried the solutions of extra to, etc.
Spent quite some time on trying to find the solution myself, even went on to filetypecommand and so on..
but actually almost got lost...
There shd be a quicker solution.

Imagine having following zip files:


they are in the right window-panel in whatever directory/folder.

Now, I select all 4 of them and whilst pushing my rmb I drag them to whatever folder in the left windowpanel, say to \temp

Now I loose the RMB, Directory Opus shd then ask:
extract to.. (all files to be extracted in 1 and the same folder)
extract to filefolders...

the last option, maybe there is a better name, will extract above four files into folders having the same name, e.g.
\download\zipfile1.zip -> \temp\zipfile1
\download\zipfile2.zip -> \temp\zipfile2

It wud be great if this a RMB-feature.


mrwul - you can totally do this now :slight_smile::

I dragged the two .dps files from the right pane with RMB:

Selected my 'Extract to ' option to get the folders you see in the destination:

Just a matter of editing the Drop Menu commands for whatever file type your .zip files are set to. Personally, I have the following command on the right context menu for 'All files and folders' so that I can get to each specific file types settings quickly and easily: FileType EDIT

Anyhow, get to your .zip file in Dopus' file type editor and on the Drop Menu tab add a new action with the following command: Copy EXTRACT=sub to get what you were looking for.

Note- I believe this will only work if you've got Zip Support enabled in Dopus preferences which I guess you do if you're looking at this thread.

Side note- This is one of the things I LOVE about Dopus zip support - that it automatically extracts multiple zip files to their own folder using the sub argument (WinRAR and PowerArchiver do this too - but not WinZip??)

Hi Steje !

I had looked at this earlier and I arrived at the same solution.
However I think the question refered to the default Dopus Zip context menu as set under Preferences -> Zip Files.

With this context menu, if I select only one zip file, the option appears to allow extraction to , however if multiple zipfiles are selected the option no longer appears.
At least it doesn't on my old system anyway.

You're quite right though !

:opusicon: porcupine

edit note: I was refering to the Drop Menu that this option creates .
With the context menu, if multiple zip files are selected, the only option that appears is Add To Zip.

Hey Porc... quite right you are! I was also puzzled why this sort of thing wasn't part of the default drop menu.

This is really great!! Many thanks indeed. Very much appreciate it.
As said: I am a newbe...

Actually I was already a bit on the right track.
settings/file types/system filetypes/zip files/edit.
There I stopped, because I felt I was heading
the wrong direction and shd be looking elsewhere
for a solution...

Got to learn ... :slight_smile:

Many thanks again.


Ahum ... by the way, any idea on how to accomplish having an option under the RMB to compress multifile files to
multiple zip files.
so, select

fm: left panel

drag/drop to a different folder and hv an option to
hv the files compressed like:



Hey there again mrwul, that ones easy:

You're looking for the following info - from the internal program help :slight_smile::[code]ยท ZIP/O[,single]: This option provides a quick way to ZIP
a single file or folder to the destination folder. For
example, if a folder called Pictures was selected, the
Copy ZIP command would ZIP this folder to a new ZIP file
in the destination folder called Pictures.zip.

If more than one file is selected, then by default all
selected files are zipped to a single ZIP file that uses the
name of the first selected file. However, if you specify
ZIP=single, then each selected file is zipped in turn to its
own ZIP file

edit note- so that means you would go back to the drag and drop tab in the file type editor for All files or All files and folders and add an action to run the command Copy ZIP=single.

Sorry for the late reply (was out yesterday)

This is absolutely wonderful!

Exactly what I need and looking for.

What can I say?

just MANY thanks from a happy DO-user !!

best regards

I was a happy Copy EXTRACT=sub HERE user until suddenly it doesn't work anymore. Seems some other setting is overtaking it, any ideas?

seems to only apply to zip files

What happens?

The zip archive just opens in dopus

The Copy command would never open a zip in Opus. How are you running the command?

dopus_yspt3Jy7Ja here you can see it