Extract tool infos to create columns

I use pdfinfo.exe tools to catch pdf meta.
Is it possible to create script to display meta from tool in columns ?

Ignoring the Opus-specific aspects, which are the easy bits, the usual way to get command output into a script is to run the command hidden and redirected to a temporary text file, then read in the text file and extract the info you need.

Here's a simple 5-line example: stackoverflow.com/a/5690211

You might also want to use GetTempName to generate the name of the temporary output file, instead of using a fixed name/path as in that example.

Ready to use, copy and paste "solution" here o):
resource.dopus.com/viewtopic.php ... ct#p140164

Make use of "RunHiddenAdvanced()", then access returncode, stdout + stderr textual output from a result object.
Takes care for proper tempfile naming and removing as well. Consider removing usage of Log() function to reduce NOLs.

var result = RunHiddenAdvanced( "my.exe", "-param1 /option2"); Log("result.code : " + result.returncode); Log("result.stdout: " + result.stdout); Log("result.stderr: " + result.stderr);