Extract zip files to the folders in which each zip file resides

Just to be clear, there are thousands of zip files in subfolders of the folder I want to do this in.

How would one go about getting/finding each .zip file in the subfolders of the folder (in turn) and doing an "Extract Here" in a script for each (or all, if possible)?


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Tools > Find Files > *.zip to find them all.

Once the Find operation completes, select them all.

If you want them extracted where they are, right-click them and choose the appropriate option.

If you want them extracted to somewhere else, drag them to the folder you want them extracted to using the right button, then choose the appropriate option when releasing over the target folder.

(There are several other ways you could do the same things, but those will get the job done unless you have any additional requirements.)

I had already tried this and, when using the right-click context menu options for extraction, the error is:

"An error occurred ...: The item is already in the collection."

This happens when selecting All or just a single zip file to be extracted.

DirOpus 10 (latest update), fyi.

Using Agent Ransack, it can find all zip files in the folder and extract them all with the DirOpus context menu options, but it defaults to the Desktop - not harmonious.


Copy EXTRACT TO={filepath|..}

Thank you, Ixp!!!

Created a new Command and assigned it to a new button on the Operations toolbar. Did exactly what I wanted.

Looks like my suggestion works in Flat View (where you could apply a *.zip filter) but not collections at the moment.

Apologies for that. I thought I had used it myself. Maybe something we can improve.

We've added a change for the next update which makes extracting zips the way I suggested work in collections.


I am hoping to upgrade to DOpus 12 this weekend (payday). Look forward to the update and, as always, keep up the tremendous work!