Extracted folder renaming requires [unnecessary] elevated privileges

12.33 16th September, 2023

I am downloading ZIP files and then extracting the contents on a Domain Controlled computer. When I go to rename the extracted folder, it asks for elevated privileges. I don't recall seeing this until recently (last few weeks). There should be no need for elevated privileges. When will this issue be fixed?

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Elevation prompts happen in response to Access Denied errors. Windows provides no way to know why access was denied, or to know if elevation will help, so all software can do is offer to elevate when they happen in case it helps (which it often does, but not always).

If something is locking the folders when you try to rename them, it can result in what you're seeing. It isn't a bug in Opus or anything we can actually "fix", other than to remove elevation support entirely or something like that, which would not make sense.

Odd is all I can say. This is not happening in File Explorer nor did it happen in Directory Opus until the latest update. Feels like a mishandled exception (bug) to me. Such is life. Hopefully the behavior changes magically in the next release.

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