Extracting rar

I updated to and am having a little trouble opening rar files.
Prior to the update when I clicked on a rar it opened a new lister in the opposite pane and displayed the files contained in the rar.
In 9120, DOpus now opens a new instance of DOpus to display the contents of the rar. Any ideas as to how I can return to the previous behaviour.

Edit the RAR file-type (Settings -> File Types) and set the Left Double-Click event to:


I think that will do what you want (unless I've misunderstood the question).

It should look a bit like this, except instead of Go the command will be Go OPENINDUAL:

This FAQ may be useful background info if you want to do something slightly different:

HOW TO: Make RAR files open in Opus on double-click

Thanks again Leo - you never fail to amaze.