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F1 for help opens in CHM


The new 12.9.3 beta supports (beautiful) rendering of help in the webbrowser, however if you press F1 on the lister, it will still open in (ugly) CHM reader (it does open in webbrowser for Preferences or Command Editor windows for example).


What command does your F1 hotkey run?


Aaand you've just solved it :slight_smile:

I had it (and forgot about it) forced to run C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Help\dopus.chm to make it detached from the main Opus window in the taskbar (so that it's easier to switch to while scripting). Now that this hack is no longer needed, I've removed it and it works properly now of course.


And thanks. You've just solved THIS problem for me. Now you have that unset.. And I now I have that set. :crazy_face:


The Help system is moving into your web browser, which should solve any problems you had with the CHM version.

(The help files are still stored locally, they are just displayed via a web browser instead of the decrepit help viewer which Microsoft abandoned when they stopped documenting their own software.)

If you update to the latest beta you can get that already.

Changing the F1 hotkey to run the CHM directly will mean you won't get the new browser-based help, which probably isn't what you want.


I'm not sure I really want that in the browser over here - my Firefox is way overcrowded as it is. The separate CHM reader keeps it in a simple, concise format in a much smaller window... I.E. Without the overhead of the toolbars and my hundreds of vertical "Tree Tabs" tabs, nor the extra [long-ish] time of having to wait for opening up a browser if I don't already have one open. I always find it annoying when programs insist on opening up a browser window/tab for no good reason.


There's a Prefs option to revert to CHM if that's what you want.

CHM is bad in high DPI though, which is one of the main reasons we've moved to the browser-based system as the new default.

We could add an option to choose which browser is used for the new system, which would let you open the help in Edge or something other than the default, if your default browser UI is not what you want to use.


Seems ok on 32-in 4k here. Perhaps that's due to the fact that I have Win10 display settings set to 150%..??

That might possibly help a good deal. Starting up something like Edge shouldn't have much overhead, if I'm not mistaken. Hard to know for sure though, since I don't really use it.. But I'm guessing it wouldn't. :grinning: