F4Menu - Open an Extension from a Selection of Multiple Programs

F4Menu.7z (45.8 KB)

This program is no longer supported or available on the web having a 2010 vintage.

Using a button, hot key - any one not just F4 - or context menu, a popup gives a list of possible programs to access the extension. It is easily configurable from the program creating an .ini file in the program's folder.

Useful if want to have a choice of programs for an extension.

If I've understood what it does, you could just add things to the right-click menu for the file type instead, and avoid using an old/unsupported tool.

Using F4Menu, I have twenty extensions set up: six with a single extension - PDF with two different PDF viewers and html with four browsers; 13 extensions with two to five extensions, the screen shot is an example of one of these - flac with four music players; and notepad++, a text editor which has 29 extensions - ini, txt, lng, bat, bar, wml, lst, tab, ffs_batch, ffs_gui, md, mnu, inc, ahk, xml, col, dop, js, off, ofi, ofv, oll, omd, orp, osf, osy, otg, oxc, oxr

I guess it might be possible to enter twenty extensions in a submenu in the All Files context menu and scroll through the list to pick the right one.

I find F4Menu much more intuitive to setup and easier to use with a 74 KB on disk footprint and almost no memory footprint.

You could easily do the same using file type groups in Opus.