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I am currently using Directory Opus v11.10 x64 running on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with all Windows updates up-to-date. I have noticed a few times over the last couple of weeks that doing something as simple as renaming a file on the desktop (local C: drive) doesn't take effect immediately and I must hit F5 or refresh in order to see the change. In a couple of instances when deleting a file. I press enter and the file does not show it has been deleted but if I try to delete it again I get a file not found error. In this case I had to close Directory Opus and relaunch before it showed as gone. Again, this is happening on my local C: drive which is an OCZ Vertex 512MB SSD. It has also happened on my local D: drive which is a 1TB 7200RPM Western Digital drive. Also it is happening when I make file changes or deletions on my QNAP 4-bay NAS device which is attached via local IP address.

I hope this can be looked at asap.


Please go through Changes to folders are not being detected and let us know your findings.

Go to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced and make sure no_external_change_notify is set to False (which is the default).

*Setting is False

If it's a network drive, make sure Preferences / File Operations / Options: Detect external file changes on network drives is turned on (i.e. there should be an X in the checkbox).

*Box is checked

As for the all the debugging steps, I will have to try when the problem happens again.

Just another FYI - While downloading from Usenet this morning (to the local D: drive) I had the window open to the folder that the downloads were downloading to. While watching the folder I noticed that the files had stopped incrementing. I had to fit F5 in order to see the newest files.

We need the debug information and other things the FAQ mentions (e.g. is Explorer affected? What does ProcMon show? Does it match Opus's debug output?). Knowing you saw the problem again doesn't help us explain or solve it.

Okay, I think I have something for you here. I had DebugView open at the time. I extracted a file from a local D: drive to the NAS (V:) drive in dual pane view in Opus. When the extraction finished the lower window showing the NAS folder still showed empty. I opened Windows Explorer and it showed the extracted file sitting in the folder. I went back to Opus and hit F5 and the file appeared. At that point I saved the log file. Please see attachment.
opus.rar (334 KB)

(It showing up in an Explorer window opened after everything was finished doesn't tell us anything, as that's the same as it showing up in Opus when F5 is pushed or a new window is opened. It's possible Explorer would also not have noticed the new file appearing until a refresh or new window.)

Is the V:... MKV file that is listed throughout the log the same one that was not showing up in the file display? Or is that a different file?

If it's the right file, is is the exact same path to that file as you're accessing the folder in Opus? (i.e. Is the path shown, minus the filename, exactly the same as the path Opus was in, with no differences?)

Yes, the folder and file are correct, no difference.

Something else I just noticed. I use DOpus in dual-pane mode. In the upper pane I had my desktop open and in the bottom pane I had a folder open on the NAS drive. I "moved" two files (one 660MB zipped file and one 50k txt file) from the desktop to the NAS and when the move completed neither pane updated. At first I hit F5 and nothing happened, then I click within the top pane and the top pane updated showing the two files gone but the bottom pane did not update. I then clicked in the bottom panes window and hit F5 and the files appeared.

I did not have the event viewer open at the time but I thought that this was pretty odd behavior and you should know.