Failed to use FTP with proxy server

I want to log in to a server of Ubuntu via a jumper server from my laptop. In my local terminal, I first log in to the jumper server via ssh, and then I succeeded to log in to the server from the jumper, as shown in the first picture. However, when I tried to configure the FTP service on directory opus 12.23, I encountered some problems. I made the configuration as shown in pictures 2 and 3, and I always failed as it is shown in picture 4. I want to get some help with it.

2 3 4 the configuration.

The log suggests that the given username and password is wrong.

Have you been able to connect with any other Windows SFTP clients using the same method and details?

Are you aiming to use FTP or SFTP? They are two very different things. The title and text says FTP but the screenshots show SFTP.