Fast search with Everything v2

What Does It Do?

This is a rewrite of the original Everything and ES front end. Its purpose remains the same but the user commands have changed. When you copy ets.js.txt into your Script Addins folder, five commands are added:

ET - front end to everything.exe
ES - front end to es.exe used to create an Opus collection from its output
ESPLUS - front end to es.exe used to add to an Opus collection
CLIPTOCOL - used to create a collection from file specs captured on the clipboard
CLIPTOCOLPLUS - used to add to a collection from file specs captured on the clipboard

These commands can be triggered from buttons or as instant commands (Type > followed by the command). Examples:

ET dm:last1mins path:!/temp
ES size:>200mb
ESPLUS size:>200mb

For both ET and ES, aliases are resolved before the relevant underlying command is executed.
CLIPTOCOL and CLIPTOCOLPLUS rely on one or more full path filespecs being present on the clipboard.


ets.js.txt (12.1 KB)

Version 2.4 dated 22nd February 2019

Copy ets.js.txt into your Script Addins folder (alias = /scripts)
Optionally modify command defaults. Settings --> Preferences --> Toolbars --> Scripts --> ets


everything.exe and es.exe need to be present in your system and locatable. Go to David Carpenter's website to download the latest code. The lookin option can be used to point to where they are if they are not in one of the default locations. If you add a custom location containing spaces, e.g. E:\Program Files\Everything, do not use quotes.


Executing ET or ES with no arguments always forces a prompt. Otherwise, by default, ES commands prompt the user before being executed and ET commands do not. The etprompt and esprompt options can be used to control this and pressing any qualifier key at run time will reverse whatever behaviour is in force.

A typical prompt looks like this:


Below means restrict the search to the current folder and any subfolders.
Here means restrict the search to the current folder.

Sample Buttons

Drag the attached dcf file to a toolbar while in Customize mode.

etsmenu.dcf (12.5 KB)


Updated to v2.1 to address ES handling of non-ASCII file names.

I can't get lookin to accept E:\Program Files\Everything. I've tried quotes, with and without trailing backslash.

Please try with double backslashes. E:\\Program Files\\Everything

Can you please be a bit more specific. Are you saying you can't add the path to the lookin option or some other problem? It works here.


The quotes should not be there, based on Aussieboyke's example above.

As stated above, I tried it both ways. In the example he doesn't have quotes because he's using the alias /programfiles. That gave me the idea to create an alias called epf referencing e:\program files. /epf\everything works.

After correspondence with the developer on the Everything forum, I have been able to revert to my original preferred approach of importing to a collection directly from an intermediate file generated by ES. I have updated the head post with version 2.0a. This version also adds a matchdiacritics configuration option.


If this option is set to false (the default) then searching for wfn:prüfung.txt will find both prüfung.txt and prufung.txt. Setting it to true will eliminate the latter match.

Good morning, everyone,

I followed the instructions to install this scipt. I have a problem... because a double " \ \ " appears automatically which prevents it from working, but if I manually delete a " \ " the search gives the right result.

Do you have any idea how to remove that extra " \ " in the code that is automatically put in?

Thank you for your advice and help :wink:


Thanks for reporting that bug Steph. I have fixed it and updated the head post with version 2.3 which also adds ESPLUS and CLIPTOCOLPLUS commands. As their names suggest, these commands add matching items to the target collection. The sample menu of buttons has also been updated to include the new commands.

Hi Aussieboykie,

Thank you for your answer AND fix the problem so quickly! :slight_smile:

I tested it quickly and it seems perfect to me. Thank you for your script/code: -)

I have one more question. Is it possible to choose which bouton is proposed by default?

Let me explain, currently it is the "Anywhere" button that is activated if you just "enter". Would it be possible to set the "Here" button to enabled by default. Since I launch my order from Opus and know what directory I am in, it makes more sense (in my opinion) to be able to just "enter" to launch the "here" command, so with the "Here" button preactivated.

I am not English-speaking, tell me if I misunderstand: -(



It should be doable. I'll have a look and post back later.

I have updated the head post with version 2.4 which includes a configuration option to choose which button is the default. The normal default is 1 (Anywhere). Change the value of defbutton to 3 if you want Here to be the default.

Hello Aussieboykie

It's just... perfect! this new possibility to change the active button is great

Thank you for everything:-)

Hi, the use of Everything, is great, I agree is very fast! and compensate for the lack of a properly Win10 search (not reliable and very little documentation)
I want to see if you can help me to figure out the syntax that should be simple:

  1. In the sub-menu the dialog box says: Anywhere, Below, Here or cancel,
    it is clear the "Anywhere", but Below? or Here I can see how they really work.

  2. I want to find in the folder f:\0 fall 2018
    A pdf file that has recognizable text
    A file that has a word report 1 in the name
    and the content should find Dr. Osgood
    I tried: to use ET from the menu that I installed based on your instructions, I entered:
    "F:0 fall 2018" "report 1"*.pdf content:"Dr. Osgood"
    It finds nothing
    I tried a few variations like
    "F:0 fall 2018" report 1 *.pdf
    It finds all the ones that have the word report and is pdf
    but if I add
    "F:0 fall 2018" report 1 *.pdf content:"dr. osgood"
    finds nothing
    I found no way to add any content:"any name"
    It would be great if you could add maybe 5 or 10 typical "proper" use cases?
    This would save me and maybe many others piles of time.

Thanks !!
PD: Directory Opus Pro 12.14 Build 7045 x64
OS 10.0 (B:17763 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Here just means the current folder. Below means current folder and its subfolders. I had never used Everything to search for content but having now tried it on a PDF it appears to be a bit of a lottery. My test PDF includes the following text. If I search for content:Statement it matches but if I search for content:Electronic it doesn't. I think you would be better served asking about how to use content: on the Everything support forum.


es.exe is missing from my installation of Everything, what is it used for?

Download Everything Command-line Interface 74 KB

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