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Thank you! That's what it was! What is exactly the difference between using es or et or esplus? Is one preferred over another?

es and esplus are used to generate or update a DOpus collection based on your supplied search criteria. es creates or overwrites an existing collection whereas esplus appends to an existing collection or creates one if the target does not exist.

et is a simple front end to everything.exe. Your search criteria will be passed directly to everything and the normal everything results window will pop up with your search criteria applied.

Good morning, everyone,

Is it just me or does it no longer work with Directory Opus version 12.15?


More accuracy in my tests:

  • if I go to my NAS and then do a search with "Everything" in an "XYZ" folder, it works.

  • On the other hand, if I go to the same place (in a "XYZ" folder) from the path put in "Favorites and Recent" > "Favorites List"... which I use most often, if not always, I have no results for the same search with "Everything"

Do you have an explanation, I can't say it was good with 12.14 (not sure if I used "Everything" in this version or in these two different ways).

(Sorry for my poor English)

All that ET does is pass a search string to Everything. For example:

If nothing is found could it be that your NAS has not been indexed by Everything?

If I do the same search twice


the first one from the location of my NAS (I go with DO directly to the right directory and then I launch "Everything")
Here is the result:

It's OK I have good information

If I go to the same directory, but using the shortcut I often use in my "Favorites", here are the results, where there is nothing

The indexation of my NAS is therefore not in question, in my opinion

I see that your NAS is mapped to the drive letter N: and if you look in Everything options you should see that N: is indexed. This would explain why your search succeeds in the first example but not in the second where you are referencing the NAS via its IP address rather than a mapped drive letter.

I had seen this difference, but would not have thought that was the problem.

I changed the path in my "Favorites" to "N:" instead of the IP address and now it's perfect.

Thank you Aussieboykie for your help, have a good summer :grinning:

First of all Thank you so much for the script & Buttons. The et button does not work for me. I don't know what i am missing?

I don't change any installation location

If you add One more button in your menu for search file type audio will be very useful.


Your first screen grab shows that Everything didn't find the file you selected in Opus. This suggests that there is a problem with its index. Try rebuilding it:

If there is still a problem make sure you have installed Everything Service.

Once the basics are working properly you can use Everything's build in Audio filter, as shown in your second screen grab, to refine you search to just audio files.

Ok Thank you aussieboykie for replay. I am Reinstall Everything v1.4.1.935. Now es & et both button are works fine.

Second Things, I just Try to make a button in Opus for search a specific file type, which button will work via everything search. But I am failed.

A simple example would be et ext:jpg to search for all jpg filies.
or et ext:jpg | ext:png to include both jpg and png files in your search
or et size:>2mb ext:jpg | ext:png to limit to selected images larger than 2mb

Check out Everything's search syntax for many other useful options.
e.g. et audio: to search for all audio files

Also remember that you can execute all of these as "instant" commands in Opus.
Just type > followed by the command you want to run.

I get this error message:


...although es.exe is in:


That isn't where the main post at the top says it expects to find es.exe. There's also a configuration setting which can be used if you have it in a different place, which the post mentions and also shows in the screenshot. (But I would still not put it in System32; leave that for parts of Windows itself.)

Thanks for the script. I added new dialog, history, and naming using time.

  • Tool bar button:
    Everything.dcf (12.5 KB)
  • Packaged icon:
    ets (v2.4.6g).osp (10.9 KB)
    dlg.Control("static3").label = "D:\\Icons\\Everything24.ico"; //Icon
    dlg.Control("static3").label = Script.LoadImage("Everything24.ico"); //Icon

User-defined command: fbtl

ets-v2.4.8k.osp (49.4 KB)

Reduce response time.
ets-v2.4.9k.osp (49.6 KB)
Everything.dcf (12.5 KB)
3Buttons_Everything.dcf (1.0 KB)

Does anyone know if work is being done to have Opus work with the 1.50.xxxx release of Everything, either 32 bit or 64 bit?.

I'm using 64bit, I think there should be no difference, if the script doesn't work for you, open Everything-1.5a.ini and modify:


Thanks for the info. I now am using Everything It requires:
1. Rename Everything64.exe to Everything.exe
2. In Everything-1.5a.ini, set alpha_instance=0