Fast switching between same local and network directories

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my desktop PC and notebook have the same directory structure. That means the difference between a local directory name and the network directory name is only the "local" e. g. C:\path... and "network" part e. g. \Notebook\C\path... or, in the case of an shared folder \Notebook\SharedFolderName\path.... Is there any convenient way to "switch" between the two different parts of the directory names in DO?

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It can probably be done using a fairly simple script, if we can nail down the rules it uses to choose where to go.

Are the shares always named after drive letters?

If not, and you're in \Notebook\SharedFolderName\path..., where would the script send you to?

Hello again Leo,

it depends from the share name.
(1) When a single folder of a volume is shared, the default name is that folder name:
corresponds to

(2) In the case an entire partition of the volume is enabled, the default name is the drive letter
corresponds to

I don't see a way to determine the difference in a simple way, but case (1) is the most usual.

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The Go command could handle option (2) if a "root" modifier, similar to the "noroot" modifier, was available.

Go \NetworkPC\c${s|noroot} NEW

Will take you to the folder with the same name as the current folder on a named network disk. If "root" was available you could..

Go \NetworkPC{s|root}${s|noroot} NEW

Maybe an option for the developers to consider?

Regards, AB