FastCopy - How to Integrate or Install It (integration, use, commands)

To get FastCopy to work automatically with Directory Opus, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu at the top of a Directory Opus lister layout.
  2. Select File Types... and double-click All files and folders.
  3. In the new window that appears, double-click Drag-and-drop which is at the top of the list in the Events tab.
  4. Replace what is in there with the following if you want to move a file/folder to another folder:

%userprofile%\FastCopy\FastCopy.exe /open_window /auto_close /cmd=move {allfilepath} /to={destpath}

If you want it to copy instead of move, change it to:

%userprofile%\FastCopy\FastCopy.exe /open_window /auto_close {allfilepath} /to={destpath}

All thanks should go to the brilliant programmer, Ixp who showed me the light in this post. You'll see his full answer a few responses down in that thread.

It literally took me days to finally find a solution to this problem. I tried TeraCopy but it glitches for me.

Reason Why I Posted This
I recently switched my theme to KODC's (which is awesome by the way) but I didn't remember writing that post. Last night, I was looking everywhere for a solution via the search function. I finally gave up and actually tried to code it on my own to no avail. That was a couple of hours down the drain. :rage: Probably because I was so mentally tired, I never thought to just restore my previous configuration.
This morning, I finally had the brilliant idea (sarcasm) that I should just restore it to a previous configuration before KODC and looked what I did before. It worked!
Let me tell you how good it feels now. You really don't know how good I'm feeling right now! Anyway, I wanted to post this up so that nobody has to go through the hell that I did. I think I put sufficient tags in the title and tag field so that anyone else will find it.

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How do I undo this please?

Default drag & drop events:

copy movewhensame
copy makeshortcut
copy renamewhensame
copy move

I copied and pasted 'Default drag & drop events' over '%userprofile%\FastCopy\FastCopy.exe /open_window /auto_close /cmd=move {allfilepath} /to={destpath}'
The file is moved but then I get an 'error making link' message.
Can you show me what is actually written in the window by default please?

I'm not sure what you're doing, but it should end up looking like my screenshot.

Each event runs one single-line command.