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Faster access to folders in the old file dialog


As some people always ask if DO is able to replace the Windows old-style file dialog (no, it can't!) here's a workaround for faster accessing to desired folders.

The idea within this little reg-tweak is using the "Links"-folder, where you can store links to your fav folders. These are also used by the newer file dialog since Windows Vista.


Modified (showing Links):


Copy code below to a texteditor, change , save it with ".reg" as extension and execute it by double-clicking.
You can also change every "place" to your needs, but it's limited to max. 5 entries (so don't try a "place5" - it won't work!).

[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Reset to default values:

[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Can't you drag folders into the left-hand list without having to edit the registry?

Maybe I'm getting confused by the different versions of the common dialogs and drag and drop only works with the newer one or something.


AFAIK no, the old style dialog is different from the newer. I don't know why it has not been replaced completely.